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Responsible growth

Our Compliance Principles

Pidilite–IP is built on a foundation of trust. Acting responsibly towards our stakeholders, customers, environment, and society is fundamental to our culture and the basis of the trust they lay in us. As a responsible organisation, we adhere to greener ways of producing speciality chemicals for the customers we serve.

Being responsible also means honouring laws. We’re strongly committed to the rules and regulations that guide how we do business. We take pride in being an organisation whose actions are governed by a sense of integrity, and ethical responsibility.

Our Compliance Principles
We adhere to sustainable development by:

– Complying with all applicable regulatory requirements including REACH regulations
– Complying with the RSL requirements of our customers
– Manufacturing environment-friendly products and adopting cleaner technologies
– Supporting our customers to manufacture environment-friendly products
– Continuously improving our health, safety, security, and environment performance systems.

– Ensuring proper safety management in the workplace
– Training employees to protect the environment and put safety first
– Practising recycling and reuse, and reducing waste and emissions
– Conserving energy
– Providing information freely to our stakeholders and maintaining open communications with them.



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