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Powering Change

Sustainability Approach

Everything we do connects us a little more with the world we live in. Our commitment has always been and continues to be towards adopting business practices that protect the environment, our people, and our society. We strictly comply with all legal requirements and regulations of Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental aspects and work towards minimising OHS Hazards & Risks of our products, processes, and services.

We understand that being sustainable is a deliberate and continual effort. We regularly improve our EHS performance through effective implementation and periodic reviews of our performance.

Sustainability Approach


Sustainability is central to our philosophy at Pidilite. We leave no stone unturned while ensuring sustainable practices are enforced at our facilities. We conserve natural resources through the 3-R principle of reduce, reuse, and recycle. We have measures in place to maximise the efficiency at our plants while minimizing energy use and air pollution and reducing the generation of solid, hazardous waste at source by 50%. Our commitment to green chemistry and sustainable development bolsters our efforts towards reducing our energy and environmental footprint.

Health and Safety

Our employees are our greatest asset—their health and wellbeing, our top priority. We make determined efforts to curb OHS hazards at our facilities. As part of building a positive safety workplace, we provide our employees the training to analyse potential risks to avoid accidents and equip them with the tools and measures to put their safety first. Upholding our zero-incident culture is a collective commitment for all of us at Pidilite.



Our social commitment doesn’t stop at philanthropy—it’s only the first step. As an organisation deeply rooted in society, Pidilite has dedicated hundreds of person-hours to identify the needs of our communities and to fill in the gaps. We supported the establishment of 60 self-help women’s groups in collaboration with Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), and developed Kaushalya Kalsar as a model village. We aided tens of thousands of people with yearly OPD registration, facilitated hundreds of cataract surgeries, and provided continued support to cancer patients.

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